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Pour Control

Welcome to our advanced pour control system, a state-of-the-art solution designed to revolutionize how bars manage their liquor inventory. Our system is specifically designed to accurately measure and control the amount of liquor poured in each drink, helping bars increase profitability, ensure consistent drink quality, and reduce wastage.

Pour Control
Increased Profitability

Increased profitability

Our pour control system helps bars minimize over-pouring and reduce liquor costs, leading to increased profitability. By accurately measuring and controlling the amount of liquor poured in each drink, bars can significantly improve their bottom line.

Consistent Drink Quality

Consistent drink quality

Inconsistent pour practices can result in inconsistent drink quality, leading to customer dissatisfaction and loss of repeat business. Our pour control system ensures consistent pour accuracy, resulting in consistent drink quality, which leads to higher customer satisfaction and increased customer loyalty.

Reduced Wastage

Reduced wastage

Over-pouring and spillage can result in significant liquor wastage, leading to increased costs for bars. Our pour control system helps bars manage their liquor inventory more effectively, reducing wastage and minimizing costs.

Enhanced Staff Training

Enhanced staff training

Our pour control system includes a display that shows waiters how to make each drink accurately. This feature helps improve staff training and ensures consistent drink preparation, resulting in better customer satisfaction and reduced drink remakes.


Our pour control system includes a user-friendly analytics dashboard that provides valuable insights into pour accuracy, trends, and opportunities for improvement. This allows bar owners and managers to monitor and optimize pour accuracy, resulting in better control over inventory management and improved operational efficiency.

Easy integration

Our pour control system can be easily integrated into existing bar setups, including bottle spouts or liquor dispensers, making it a convenient and efficient solution for bars of all sizes. There’s no need for extensive modifications or additional equipment, making the implementation process hassle-free.

POS ORDER RECEPTION SCREEN | Liquor Pour System Toronto
PORTION CONTROL | Liquor Control Systems Toronto
BAR ORDER PREP SCREEN | Liquor Pour System Toronto


The ordered item automatically appears on the screen, along with the the required ingredients and prep information. This system is compatible with CloverStation, CloverMini and CloverFlex.



The bartender can create and pour any custom drink requested by a customer, or they can pour preset drink recipes.

All self-serve pours are recorded by user, ingredient, portion, date and time.  A detailed report can be displayed or printed



PourControl can be integrated to any POS system for complete “Punch-to-Pour” operation.

Once a drink item is ordered from the POS it will appear in the pouring window. Cocktails are displayed with a picture, their recipes and instructions.

First in first out selection so all you have to do is pour, no selecting is required. Any drink in the list can be selected at any time for preparation.

Bartenders can select to :

  • Group multiple shots using the Singles feature, or

  • Use the Shakers feature, to make multiple drinks, like Margaritas, in a shaker.


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